So you’ve just connected – Hello and welcome.

What now?

Note: This is a vanilla 1.13.1 (or later) Minecraft server. It is not running any of the fancy plugins like spiggot, etc. So there are no additional “/” commands. No built-in anti-grief, no home, sethome, no chest protections, just vanilla Minecraft.

That means you must be good at building hidden bases, or just trust that other players will be sociable and friendly and not grief/steal or otherwise damage your stuff.

Near the spawn area there is a room with a button which will give you a welcome pack. It will include a boat, some armour, simple tools and food. Hope you like fish (This is the Aquatica update, after all) There are also a series of random teleport buttons to take you far away in one of 8 compass directions.

Grief insurance works on Minecraft regions. In Minecraft we start with the block. An area of 16×16 blocks is a chunk (Use the F3+G command to let you see chunk boundaries). Above that is the region and a region is an area of 32×32 chunks, or 512×512 blocks. Each region (512×512 blocks) is stored in a separate database file on the server and should a restore be required, the whole region will be restored.

Note that with a few exceptions, grief insurance only works when you are more than 23,000 blocks in any direction away from spawn. The random teleporters will get you almost there, but you’ll have to adventure and survive to get that little bit further.