Rules for the Land of Drogon Minecraft:

Sadly we need rules, as over the years I’ve seen more problems caused without them. If you want a Minecraft without rules then there are plenty. This is not one of those server.

These rules are not exhaustive, but you get the point.

  • Be friendly.
  • No harassment of any sort – no racist, homophobic or any other hate language including builds, and player skins, object names.
  • No griefing/stealing/spamming, etc.
  • PvP is enabled, but do not PvP without consent.
  • No hacked clients. That way everyone is even.
  • Public chat to be in English only.
  • Public chat to be of a family-friendly nature. No profanity and that includes abbreviations, **???,  acronyms, etc. as substitutes and so on. I DO NOT want my 7 year old niece asking me what something means when she sees it online.
  • Prank your friends? Sure – just make sure they’re friends first… (and they get to keep any materials used in the prank)

Break the rules and you will be banned. no 2nd choice, no appeal. My server, my rules.

On the hacked clients front… I use Optifine – which isn’t really a hack, however I’m fully aware of all the hacks out there – just don’t do it. Turn them off, or use the vanilla client. Everyone then has the same chance and the same abilities. The Land of Drogon is not about who can find the most diamonds, who can blow-up the most bases or who can fly without an elytra. If you want to do those things then there are servers out there that will let you do that, some will even encourage you to do it too. Go to these servers and come back here when you can use a vanilla client in a survival world.

Please don’t ask for the map seed – you won’t get it.

Also don’t ask to be an admin/mod/op/whatever. It will immediately demonstrate to me that you’ve not read these rules… These positions are earned – they can not be bought, bribed or otherwise given out to people at random. Make an effort to be part of the server community and you may be considered.

Like life, you only get one shot at this. The database is very regularly backed up, so any griefing, etc. will be un-done very quickly and you’ll be gone. You will not get a 2nd chance.