Policy, Ideas and Structure

The general idea is to create and run a sustainable server – one that thrives on (friendly) competition, base building and so on. Youtubers/Media makers are welcome.

Right now – it’s free to play – Minecraft servers will always be free to play thanks to the Mojang EULA policy, however running a server costs money so it’s possible that in the future, some ways to generate revenue will be considered – donations from successful publishers, merchandise and who knows what else.  We’ll cross that boundary if and when it’s required, but all regular players will be made aware well in advance, so worry not – please play and enjoy.

In order to try to keep server resources low what I will be doing is the following:

The Overworld

Regions that have not been accessed for over 3 months will be removed and allowed to re-generate when someone new accesses them. So if you create a little hidden place, just make sure you visit it every 2-3 months to keep it live on the server.

No-one can build in the spawn chunks.

Please do not build an iron titan or equivalent – stick to traditional iron farms if you must.

The End:

I will regularly re-generate the end islands, so please do not build bases far-out in the end. They’ll simply vanish. You can summon and kill the dragon as many times as you wish though – each time, it will drop an egg and elytra (although these may well end up in spawn) Go for it! The reason for re-generating the end is the finite size of the world – right now, it’s set to 32,000 blocks from spawn, so that 64,000 x 64,000 blocks. This is a good size for the overworld, but a busy server can potentially run-out of end cities, (and thus shulker boxes and elytras) hence the re-generation.

Note that shulkers will always drop 2 shells when killed in The Land of Drogon – this will hopefully reduce the need for end culling, but time will tell …

Do not break end portals to try to make sand duplicators. Just don’t make item duplicators at all – while possible in 1.13, it’s not going to be considered to be in the spirit of the game.

The Nether

Do try to use the Nether as a quicker way to get to and from your various bases in the server. Construct local hubs and pathways and maintain them.

Try to not destroy Blaze spawners as these are a finite resource, but don’t worry too much if you need to remove one during construction of that massive wither skeleton farm you have planned…

If you want to break the bedrock ceiling of the Nether, then … OK, but do make sure no-one else has already built a pig zombie farm up there first – and if you do build that pi zombie gold/xp farm, then consider sharing it or at least selling access to it via some sort of trade/barter means…


This is vanilla Minecraft – if you see it on the Hermitcraft or SciCraft servers, then it will work here… Well.. within reason. Those guys are masters of lag conservation (well the SciCraft guys at least), so when building redstone stuff here are some guidelines:

Cap all hoppers with a furnace – when possible. It might look ugly, but it will help.

Avoid vertical hoppers down for more than a few blocks – feed items into a slow clocked dropper and let gravity do the rest.

Same for upwards transits, but use the new 1.13 bubble columns to transport items. They’re very fast and efficient.

Water on ice is a very good way to long distance transport items too. Far faster than hoppers or minecarts too.

Make sure flying machines do not go on forever. Really.

Redstone clocks

Keep high speed clocks to a minimum and ALWAYS light up redstone areas. Lighting changes are what really causes lag with high speed redstone clocks – use lots (and lots!) of torches, glowstone and jack o’ lanterns. Jack o’ lanterns are often better because they are treated as solid blocks as you can attach torches and run redstone over them.

Animals in pens

Try to keep the number of spawned animals in one area to just what you need. Your massive chicken farm may look good, but do you really need 300 chickens?

And speaking of SciCraft

There are somethings that they do well, but also some things that they have the resources to do well – which we simply do not have here. One is a stupidly fast and expensive server that has 64GB of RAM, so please don’t try to make chunk perma loaders, mob switches, 64,000 block ender pearl canons and so on. Of-course if you want to pay me to run such a server, then great, but until then…

Also, speaking of Hermitcraft

The chaps who play and publish their goings-on on the Hermitcraft server are well worth a look if you have time. You’ll get lots of ideas, some tutorials and general shenanigans as they prank each other… Start here: http://hermitcraft.com/

The Future

My aim is to create a server that will run until the end of this decade – that’s until the end of 2019. It will depend of several factors – one is the cost of keeping the server going – if it does become busy and needs more hardware and I am unable to get help with funding it, then who knows. If Mojang release a few version that everyone wants but isn’t compatible, then again, who knows.