I’ve always interested in traditional text based adventures (Think Colossal Cave, Zork, etc.) and in 1992 I had the opportunity to create and run a Multi-Uuser Dungeon (MUD). At that time it ran on a Unix “desktop” system which had 4MB of RAM, running a 32-bit processor at 16Mhz, connected to the Internet as it was back them via a 64Kb/sec connection.

It supported up to 100 users – thanks to it being text only and written in C using a very efficient database and IO system.

The Land of Drogon ran more or less continually for over 20 years, although player numbers diminished due to the rise of newer gaming technology, graphics and so on.

Now we have Minecraft – a multi-player game that needs about 1000 times more memory, a 64-bit processor 250 times faster and an Internet connection 10 times faster per player. And they call that progress…