While a vanilla server, The Land of Drogon Minecraft server also has several datapacks loaded to enhance the game experience.


  • Multiplayer Sleep – Allows just one person to sleep for everyone. (do remember to sleep yourself every now and then though – else the phantoms will come and get you!)
  • Anti-endermen grief – they can’t pick anything up here… your sand, dirt, etc. is all safe from their pesky long arms…
  • Double shulker shells. Two for the price of one.
  • Mob heads and more mob heads – fill your trophy room.
  • The terracotta rotation wrench… Craft this and turn those shiney blocks.
  • Dragon drops Elytra (and another Egg) Kill the dragon and get a free elytra as well as it’s egg (and head too, sometimes). Saves all that searching endlessly in the end for them (Although you might find it’s easier to find an end city than do to the hassle of resurrecting and killing the dragon, again…)

Get more details of these (and a few more) here:


You have 5 sethome locations. To set one, type in:

/trigger sethome set X

where X is 1 through 5.

To teleport to an existing home location:

/trigger home set X

where X is the location 1-5 set with the sethome command above.

More are coming – watch this space.