Welcome to The Land of Drogon.

What is it? Well… The Land of Drogon started off in 1992 as a Multi-User Dungeon – MUD for short.

Today, it’s a  vanilla Minecraft 1.131 survival-mode server2.

It features the Hermitcraft Datapack for some extra goodies (mob heads, etc.) a simple sethome and warp facility and anti-grief insurance…

My aim is to make it a friendly community server – with shopping/trade areas, community build projects and who knows what else, but all vanilla survival minecrafters are welcome, just follow the rules.

1 Currently 1.13.1 and generally it will always track the latest 1.13 update.

2 It’s currently Whitelisted – if you want to play then get in-touch with your Minecraft player name.